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About ICA

International Compliance & Approvals (ICA) provides a full range of product testing and certifications. For over twenty years, ICA has helped customers with product design consulting, defining the product testing scope and cutting through the bureaucracy to get products tested, certified and onto the market as efficiently as possible.

When you work with ICA, your project will be managed by a product design / test engineer who can get your product certified--often well before what you would have thought possible. The team has vast experience in EMC, environmental, telecom/NEBS, and product safety testing and certification/compliance.

Customers are able to tap into ICA's product design expertise earlier in the design cycle. ICA can assist clients both with design and certification efficiencies. ICA has experience and relationships with many of the test labs and engineering centers in North America and Europe ... and experience in certifications in other areas where standards are not harmonized.

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