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In this tech-savvy world, enterprises need to anticipate their business needs and constantly evolve custom software development practices. A well-run software platform helps small and large businesses to become successful by unlocking digital transformation and next-generation capabilities. It includes activities such as designing, planning, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance to drive efficiency and effectiveness.



Digital Transformation Strategy

At ICA, we create a well-defined plan and approach to transform your business. Our effective digital strategy will help you to transform easily and keep you ahead in the race which has already started for initial digital transformation.

User Experience Design

We design UX solutions by putting your users first. We study user behaviour and we learn from your users. We identify, research, refine, validate, review and polish it to give an elegant user interface to your customers.

Data Engineering

Data is the new oil for businesses. We create data pipelines to process, store and enable access to meaningful data. Our Data Engineering services optimize, organize and transform your data which will be readily available for analysis and action.

Application Development

We design, develop and manage web applications and mobile applications with elegant UX for businesses from across domains. This covers a wide spectrum of our engineering services from IT strategy & consulting, architecture, development to develop new web/mobile apps.

Managed Cloud Services

OWe manage, Optimize and Enhance Cloud Efficiency for your business so that you get most out of it. EE cloud services can help your business at whatever stage you’re at. We help you to choose a platform, Create a cloud roadmap, help in migration to the cloud and Supporting your cloud environment

Quality Engineering and Testing

ICA’s precise digital abilities and expertise in Quality Engineering services with agile methodologies keep you 100% quality assured. It covers the end to end Software Testing Life cycle from Test Consulting Implementation to Test Environment Management.



JavaScript in combination with HTMLS has revolutionized the way web and mobile applications are built and we areadept at implementing wide array of JS frameworks.


We use a plethora of programming languages, like JVM, .NET, NodeJS, Python for building Microservices based scalable back-end platforms.


With a belief that one size doesn't fit all, we utilize different storage technologies to build performant, secure and internet-scale applications


With our deep expertise in all Public Clouds, hybrid and multi cloud set-ups, we help our clients in cloud strategy, migration and continuous DevOps automation.


Digital Product Engineering is in our DNA


Design-led engineering

Design-Led Engineering. A lot of providers believe they can make a proof-of-concept first, and then focus on design.

React to change & pivot quick

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs must react quickly. The longer they wait, the more vulnerable they get.

Cloud-native development

Cloud-native application development. Build, run, and operate cloud-native apps with Google Cloud.

Test-driven development

Test-driven development is a process of modifying the code in order to pass a test designed previously.

Test automation

Test automation is the practice of running tests automatically, managing test data, and utilizing results to improve software quality.

Microservices-based architecture

Microservice architecture – a variant of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) structural style – arranges an application as a collection of loosely coupled services.

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