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Not all equipment is placed in an enclosed, temperature-controlled, pristine environment. Environmental tests are used to test how products stand up to harsh conditions and environments. ICA tests products in the lastest environmental test chambers to simulate the whatever condition you are testing for. Tests include temperature (both high, low, and sudden changes), altititude, blown or settling sand and dust, salt spray and salf fog, high or low humidity, wet environments, vibration (particularly important whenever transportation is involved), solar radiation, high/low pressures, extreme angles, fungus ... and more.

Testing may be done for certifications including MIL-STD-810 and MIL-HDBK-2036, IEC 60068, and IEC 60945. Often times shock/vibration tests including IEC 61373 are also performed--sometimes bundled with other tests when efficiencies and cost savings may be gained.

Environmental certifications also include ETSI 300 019, GR-63, IEC 60068, MIL 810 F (commercial), RoHS & WEEE compliance.

ICA's engineers' experience in environmental testing allows the company to be quick on it's feet in adapting to whatever test environment is required.

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